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Dear Katie and team
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you all do at Poole Swimming Academy. I cannot believe how well David has progressed under the guidance and care you and your staff have shown
him. The small groups have been perfect and have enabled him to learn at his own rate and increase his confidence instead of spending most of the time stood watching others swim due to such big classes in other places, David spends the full 30 minutes swimming. He has gone from being scared of the shower to loving being in the water, fully submerging in the sea (in fact spending as much time as he can in there) and turned into a real water baby. And is getting a good grasp of all four strokes. I have and will continue to recommended you to friends, having been around the swim community for
19 years I can say without doubt that you are all doing a fabulous and important job, helping to teach our children the importance of water safety.

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